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8000+ Prompts and MasterInstructions for ChatGPT & EVERY task - boost efficiency by up to 80%!

4500+ AI Tools Directory

150 AI Personalities to customize your AI experience

2024 Profit Guide eBook with 50 Real Examples for Startups, Side-Hustlers, Businesses

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Includes Browsing Prompts!

8000+ AI PromptsPrecise, Efficient, Proven.

Boost your workflow to the max with this extensive, tested collection of AI prompts for ChatGPT and other NLP-driven AI.

Work smart, not hard. Masterful prompts & MasterInstructions are copy-paste, out of the box ready.
expert Prompt Bundles

Garbage in, garbage out.Prompts matter.

The #1 problem when communicating with ChatGPT and other AI? Bad prompts! Save time and get better results.  Over 3400 prompts total and 50 MasterInstructions.

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